Unique designs for the extraordinary person...wearable art!


To ensure that your well-loved. Robbie bag continues to deliver maximum enjoyment, we recommend getting your Robbie bag refurbished as soon as you see any sign of significant wear and tear. Such wear and tear can happen depending on how often you wear your bag, and in what conditions. We offer the following services. 

  • Replacing Lining
  • Replace Zipper
  • Replace Strap
  • Replace Handles


Keeping your bag clean can extend the lifespan exponentially; routine maintenance is key!


Artwear by Robbie cannot accept bags that are:

  • Worn past the point of repair
  • Saturated with moisture
  • Dirty with mud, grass, or any other foreign matter
  • Previously repaired by other


Please email a brief note along with a picture of your Robbie Bag to robbiewear@aol.com. We will contact you within 2 business days of receiving your email.